Online Employee Performance Management System for Enterprise

Bytech's S-a-a-S Cloud Hosted Employee Performance Management System brings a highly flexible Online tool for Enterprises to manage Employee Performance Evaluation, Management and Appraisals. Fully customizable for your Enterprise, the BT-PMS system allows flexible Organisation and Employee Definition, Project and Activities Definition, and a superlative mapping of Employees to KRAs, KPIs, Goals with all the flexibility that today's Enterprises demand.

Appraisal Cycles can be defined for an Employee for applicable Goals, KRAs and KPIs as applicable and evaluation can be carried out by a multi-tier online evaluation structure including self-evaluation. All stakeholders have to simply log on to the Performance Management System and see the evaluation tickets automatically assigned to them. On completing the evaluation, the ticket automatically moves on to the next level in evaluation as defined in the intelligent back-end workflow definition.

All Employees can be benchmarked with Organizational Average rating, Self-Goal achievements, Project Goal achievement amongst various others rating parameters. The final results are presented in compelling graphical reports on-tap in a state-of-the-art Portal.

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Ready for Distributed Organisations

Map Employees in Multiple Geographic Office Locations for Single Point Control. Manage performance of your entire Organisation from one place.

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Flexible Organisation Mapping

Map Employee Projects, Activities and multi-level Reporting Structures granularly. Enable Multiple Reporting/Project Heads to contribute to the Performance Evaluation for an Employee via a Multi-Level Appraisal System. Manage Self-rating, HR, Team Lead, Project Lead etc.

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Flexible Performance Parameters

Customised Performance Rating Parameters. Maintain separate Performance parameters per Project and Employee or as they vary in a multi-tasking environment.

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Manage detailed KRA & KPIs

Customisable KRA (Key Result Area) and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Parameter Definition per Employee, Group Employee, Project or Activity.

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Graphical Results and Reporting

Unique Graphical Performance Evaluation Reporting with Organisational Benchmarking for each Employee. View the top performers and allow individual/self-benchmarking of employee with the best and average levels in your organization.