Lead Generation and Engagement Platforms

Bytech's cross-channel Lead Generation and Engagement model brings together qualified and unqualified prospects and our customers together by employing a variety of first contact channels including SMS Blasts, Web-based SEO, Landing Pages, Outbound Calling amongst others.

Contact Channels are carefully chosen and optimised based on Product Profile, Customer Demography and Channel Flexibility to contain and maximise the Lead Engagement communication.

All channels ultimately congregate in Bytech's unique Web-Based Lead Database and Distribution System which automatically redirects qualified leads (Consumers) generated by the system to the most suitable Supplier. This Auto-Lead distribution can be programmed on a variety of parameters like Supplier Profile (matching of Lead Profile to Suppliers), Supplier Subscription value etc.

On-line Reporting and Analytics allows insights into Lead Conversion patterns based on:

  • Campaign Type (SMS/E-Mail/SEO Web Based)
  • Demography/Geography
  • Conversion Trends at various Times
  • Fully Personalised to Subject – Not generic

Bytech has helped create the backbone Lead Generation and Engagement Systems for LSP Integrated Solutions, US & NGO Fundraisers, India.

Case Studies

HP | Closed Loop Lead Management System

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Bytech's Channel Lead Management systems allow out High-Tech Customers closely monitor closed-loop Leads from Engagement thru fulfilment including drop-outs. When any Channel Partners reports interest shown by Named Customers or important prospects, these are immediately reported in Bytech's Custom portals mapped out to the channel. This data is specific to the Product, Customer Needs, expected Lead Age and other observations.

Every Lead is sieved by Bytech's specialist Analysts and then forward to the Supplier based on tightly formulated business rules which include Lead Profile, Order Quality and Quantity, Lead History etc. Bytech Analysts also add in their qualified comments on expected discounts, which is based on various historical trends and market data. This Lead is updated on Bytech's Online Lead Management System which is accessed by the Supplier to take action and offer feedback. Based on this, Bytech then communicates this feedback/disposition to the Partner/End Customer as the case may be and close the Lead Fulfilment process accordingly.

Legacy Strategic Partners | Lead Generation and Management Platform

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LSP EDGE is a Marketing firm with a financial and insurance industry focus offering an exclusive Lead Generation System for Insurance Agents, CPA/Accountants, Attorneys & Other Professionals. LSP Edge assists insurance agencies maximize profits with cost-effective real-time prospecting, recruiting and marketing solutions.

Individual professionals can also take advantage of EDGE solutions to demonstrate the value of real-time marketing for their organizations, or to fill a niche in their current marketing initiatives. With LSP Edge's Engagement Marketing Manager Solution, companies are enabled to drive new sales, increase customer retention, and enhance the overall customer experience by effectively balancing customer interests with organizational goals at the point of contact.

Bytech is LSP EDGE's software services & development partner & is responsible for driving the development of LSP Edge's technology product strategies, product development and supporting go-to-market activities. Bytech's team of software experts deliver LSP Edge solutions using state of the art methodologies manage day to day product development operations by bringing in best practices in database marketing, analytics and real-time marketing strategies that have helped worldwide organizations to achieve their marketing and revenue goals.