Hosted Business Intelligence & Reporting

  • Is the data that you need available at your fingertips or is it lost in myriad legacy system?
  • How can incisive analysis of key business data result in dramatically transparent insights that can immediately deliver improved top lines for your company?
  • How to make the data reclamation and the decision derivative lifecycle short enough for your company to see highly effective insights immediately, in time for your next quarter results?

Bytech's Business Intelligence portfolio works on a more fundamental layer than most providers. We begin with the quest for the correct fundamental data, figure out it's availability and then pull it out wherever it may be. We are able to reach out to the deepest layer in your current data repositories, talk to your Data Analysts, gather tertiary information from other Transactional Systems that you might be using or are dependent on and bring all this disparate data into one place. We even bring data from your Customers and other Agencies if required using our in-house Contact Centre capabilities.

Data Aggregation, Cleansing & Scrubbing results in a supremely broad and rich database, the mere existence of which will surprise you. Then we start looking deeper and deeper into this data and expose information which you might never have known. We start slicing and dicing, start questioning this data with dimensions derived from your current business and come out with detailed insights for your business.

Which will finally bring you to a hopefully fundamental decision point. As we believe the more fundamental decision a BI system poses, the better it is by design.

Bytech's Hosted Business Model combines:

  • Data Adapters to aggregate data from manual and system sources.
  • Hosted Data Aggregation Server on Data Centres closest to your operations.
  • Bespoke Reporting Portal Design
  • Dedicated BI/Reporting Site hosted in dedicated server with unprecedented visualisation and datasheet download options.
  • Data Modeling for the core BI construct.
  • Devising real-time data collection methodologies from disparate systems and geographies using patented technologies and process implementations.
  • Cleaning and scrubbing of data based on customized business rules to ensure quality.
  • Reading this data to highlight failure, inflexion and un-discovered growth points.
  • Providing this information in an action oriented format to your company's management so you can make informed choices for your future growth.
  • Fully web based reports availability via SaaS model with zero-IT requirement from our customers.

Bytech's hosted BI model

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Case Studies

Lexmark APAC | Special Bids Management System

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Bytech, in partnership with Enfactum Pte Ltd, provides a specialised data analytics services and a cloud-hosted Business Reporting platform for Lexmark's Supplies division in Singapore catering to Lexmark's Asia Pacific customer base.

This end-to-end service provides Lexmark a platform for data collection, analysis, Business Intelligence & Data Interfacing with its internal systems and provides it the ability to understand current Sales patterns, Consumption patterns, determination of product Install Base amongst others.

This relationship is all set to grow on a global stage over 2012, and this niche offering will be driven from Singapore, with all the reporting services hosted on Singapore data centers.

HP India | Country Business Intelligence

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Bytech's Channel Data Management & Reporting Service powers Hewlett Packard India's country-wide Purchase-Sales-Inventory monitoring and Claims Payment systems with a data collection & reporting spread of over 1000 Business Partners. A custom BI Portal that is part of our Channel Data Reporting Services is viewed by HP India's leadership team to identify All-India Sales Run Rate, Partner Performance, Growth Trends, Product Sales Geographical Spread amongst other multi-dimensional Business Intelligence views which are truly ground-breaking.