Enterprise Hosted Astro Prediction System

  • What happens when an ancient knowledge is empirically & mathematically mapped out in pursuit of scientific basis?
  • What happens when technology unravels far-reaching prediction possibilities?
  • What happens when a system brings together a unique knowledge base, a high-powered prediction algorithm and cloud-based enterprise technology for the ultimate delivery convergence in Astro-prediction?

CCL Astrotech is a unique Astro-prediction system developed by Bytech with the aim of empirically qualifying the ‘art' of Astrology, and in the process devising repeatable algorithms which if made powerful could transform the way Astrology is perceived and accessed the world over. For over 150 man-months, we have mapped down all aspects of a unique Astro-prediction strain and formulated a highly complex, but repeatable mathematical model that has been tested of over 50,000 subjects the world over and is designed to be driven by high-powered centrally deployed cloud-based systems to an unheard of depth of data processing.

As a mathematical model, the key is data and technology allows us to leverage this data to hitherto uncharted territories. The clearly defined rules allow the CCL Engine to map out a subjects lifetime to the order of minutes and for each minute, chart out multi-dimensional views on various aspects of life including career, health & relationships. This huge multi-dimensional and granular data allows the system to then slice and dice and provide innumerable views on a subjects lifetime. Having huge computing power available to us also means that the CCL system generates predictions customised for each subject and not generic predictions for all Subjects for a Star/Sun sign.

Being data driven also means that this information can be packaged in myriad forms including SMS, Live Web-based predictions, Life Book with predictions for a lifetime mapped out for every hour/day. And the possibilities are limitless.

CCL Astrotech is also the world's first Cloud Hosted Astro-Prediction system that is designed as a B2B system providing ultra-flexible prediction services for businesses. Our complex set of data adapters allow transformation & porting of predictions to other web-based systems, third-party publishing systems or for that matter, Astrology-as-a-Service for a per-prediction charge for Telecom Value Added Services


Next Generation Prediction Engine

  • Proprietary Knowledge Based Prediction Algorithm
  • Best Ever Accuracy with Time Stamped details
  • Tested on over 50,000 subjects including celebrities
  • Time Stamped & Specific Predictions to Minutes– No fuzziness
  • Fully Personalised to Subject – Not generic

Enterprise-Grade Delivery Backbone

  • Superlative Interfacing with External Systems including Telecom Providers for VAS and Web-Based for Portal based Content Provision
  • Designed for interfacing with all types of external content distribution systems for superior marketability.
  • Web Service Based - Cloud Hosted with rated multi-channel concurrency of over 5 Lakh hits every-day with a per-prediction billing model possible.

Multi-Media Prediction Delivery Channels

  • Enterprise-grade SMS Interface Built In supporting mass blasts 24/7 or at specific times.
  • E-Mail Relaying for Custom Prediction Graphs and details e-mailing to a large User Group.
  • On-tap Web-based Access with instant ‘Life-Book' and period specific report printing.
  • Call In & Call Out for Astro-prediction service offering via Call-Centre.

Infinitely Flexible Prediction Packaging

  • Daily, Weekly, Yearly Graphs
  • Career, Relationship, Monetary specific graphs
  • Best/worst Period Reporting
  • Time-specific Prediction Enquiries
  • Lifebook with intricate minute-by-minute chart of entire life

CCL's Path Breaking Features

B2B Astro Prediction Model

The CCL Astrotech Engine is designed to be used as a backend content provider Engine to Astro websites, Mobile VAS Services, Mobile Apps, Mobile Sites, Print Services and other Web-based Astro Content providers.

The engine works in a Cloud-hosted model where all predictions are passed via web services on request from the client, specifically for the Astrology Content type requested for. This allows Content Publishers to dynamically offer highly innovative Astrology Prediction services to their Customers focusing on their packaging and delivery strength and leaving the content formulation to CCL Astrotech. Billing can be on a Per Prediction model or a Revenue Sharing model as per the Content Publisher's requirements.

B2C Astro Prediction Model

The CCL Astrotech Engine can be run and managed by Bytech as a turn-key Astro-prediction service where Bytech takes care of Content Generation, Design, Packaging and Delivery including CRM and Subscriber Management.

These services can be offered as a website-based service, as a Tele-calling based service or as a Mobile VAS, App service.