Digitization & Document Workflow Management Systems

Bytech's Cloud-Hosted or On-Premise KYC Document Management Solutions allow leading Telecom Service Providers, Financial Institutions and other B2C business to adopt a water-tight workflow to help with End-to-End Tracking, Management, Information Transcription (or Digitisation) and Archiving of paper-based KYC (Know your Customer) Application Form & Supporting Documents.

This Enterprise Digitization & Document Workflow Management System offering allows powerful consolidation of generally voluminous data, provides for easy data entry or digitisation, and lays the foundation of managing a digitised Document Library, thus saving space and logistics of managing huge amounts of paper.

As a logical progression, this wealth of information can be dissected and put to its logical end-state use with Bytech's Business Intelligence & Analytics services.

In addition, Bytech's industry leading Customer Profiler and Fraud Detection algorithms provide never before leverage to detect intentional Customer Profile manipulations or unintentional Customer Profile duplication brought about by legacy data capture that may affect your business.

Business Impact

  • Immediate Conversion of Paper to Digital Information
  • On-Premise or Web Hosted Solution.
  • Hybrid Solutions for geographically distributed setups with data intensive operations On-Premise and touch-point access on Web.
  • Distributed Process & System Architecture for Customizable Document Digitization workflows.
  • On-line Hosted Business Intelligence Modules on in-Depth Customer Profile Reporting, Key Purchase Trends based on Geographical Dispersion.
  • On-line or Off-line Duplicate/Fraud Customer Detection Algorithms for processing digitized data.
  • Web-Based B2B Portal for Content & Operational control on the Document Digitization Workflow process.
  • Web-Based B2C Portal for Customer accessibility and self-serve subsequent Profile management.

Document Digitisation and Content Transcription Workflow Model

WorkFlow Modules

Document Receipt Acknowledgement

Create the first input for any new document entering the workflow with or without the scanned image and generate a unique Document ID in the system immediately as an acknowledgement. This input is the basis for downstream workflow tracking of any CAF or Customer Engagement Form.

This 'First-Entry' into the system can be performed on a web-based interface at any of your Point of Presence or Points of Document Collection.

Scanned Image Upload and Tagging

Once the Application Form or document is scanned, the Image can be easily uploaded into the Document Conversion Workflow one-by-one via a Web Portal or via a Bulk Upload option via FTP.

Every image uploaded into the system is automatically tagged with the master Document ID that was created when the Document was instantiated in the system in Step 1.

Data Entry / OCR Based Content Scrapping

Once the document Image has been uploaded into the system, you can choose from a variety of Data Capture options. OCR based plug-ins can be used for an automatic Content Scrapping followed by a manual Quality Check that allows human corrections for any wrong OCR that might have occurred.

If your Document is complex and may not be easily converted via an OCR Engine, the system allows for Manual transcription of Data by distributed Web Users while viewing the Digital Document Image in a Web Form. This manual Data Entry can be made as intuitive as possible by multi-level data validations, content type validations, automatic Database checks for key Content like geographies and other important look-up data.

When manual Data Entry or Transcription via viewing Document Image is carried out as a bulk back-office activity, it is possible to balance load on Data Entry operators and automatically route documents in a 'PUSH' mode to Operators based on Document Digitization urgency, Agent Experience, QA or Data Entry Mode etc. This means that all Agents or Data Entry Operators need only log in to the system in your back-office and the system automatically distributes the Digitization workload based on your unique workflow.

Customer Identity Management

The most powerful end-point of the digitization of CAF or any form of Customer Information Documents is getting clean, tagged and normalized Customer Data in a database.

While this database is obviously the delivery end point for your business, it is possible to use this data in a self-learning mode to track your existing Customers for repeat transactions. Next time you receive any document from what may be a unique Customer; tag them to a unique Customer record at the point of Data Transcription or Digitization.

This builds a 2-dimensional Customer Database tacking disparate Customer Data and activities to a unique Customer Record.

Tracking & Control

On-line tracking of precise workflow stages for the digitization of any given document. Monitor and review Agent data entry or QC performance and quality. Keep full audit records for statutory control. See current process flow bottlenecks specific to workflow step and monitor quality at each step via spot audit controls.

Business Intelligence

Use all information digitized via our platform for cutting-edge Business intelligence via our specialized BI & Analytics portals. View Customer Demography, Spending Patterns, Behavioral details and much more. Convert your mundane Document Digitization processing into its intended end-point, that of understanding your customers and market in multi-faceted detail.

Fraud & Duplicate Customer Detection

Bytech's Document Conversion Workflow platform comes with powerful on-line or off-line Duplicate Customer Detection or Fraud Detection Algorithms.

Imagine if the same Customer provides actively manipulated data to avoid identification as a unique Customer in your Business Database. Sometimes, is it easy to do this by introducing a minor change in the address, name or other contact information in a manner that may legally pass off as a typing mistake, but however may corrupt your Customer database by saving such records as two different Customers. Your Document Digitization workflow is normally agnostic to such phenomenon as the Content conversion is an offline activity by itself.

However, with Bytech's unique Fraud Detection algorithm, you can choose to highlight possible Fraud at the point of customer Data Entry/Transcription. The system can automatically prompt possible identity clashes for a Customer at the point of key data entry so the Data Entry operator can accordingly act on this information.

In cases, where your enterprise is sitting on a big Customer database which is possibly corrupted owing to lack of fraud Detection controls at the point of Data capture, Bytech's offline Fraud Detection Algorithm pulls out such cases easily in an advanced heuristic search including phonetic and textual pattern matching techniques.

Call us with sample data to see the effectiveness of our Customer Identity Fraud Detection Algorithm.

Public and Private Portals

Bytech's Document Digitization Workflow provides full end-to-end Portal view for b2b as well as B2C purposes. The B2B Portal allows inside business tracking of Document Digitization progress via Dashboards, full stage-wise breakdown of Live Document Conversion Workflow progress amongst others.

B2C Portals allow customers to log in and review digitized details about themselves allowing for an online Self-Serve portal where they can subsequentlymaintain their Profile Information once the initial Customer or Master Document record is created.

Case Study

Airtel & Idea | Enterprise CAF Transcription - Document Management Workflow System

Image description

Bytech developed Enterprise CAF (Customer Application Form) – Document Management Workflow System powers the processing of over 1,200,000 Customer Application Forms per month for Leading Indian Telecom Companies in real-time 24/7 distributed processing set-ups. This system allows various Document Workflows to be conducted at geographically disparate areas to enable faster in-situ processing of CAFs. The workflow incorporates multi-level transcription for critical and non-critical data fields and an intelligent Quality Check system to ensure that the transcribed Customer Data meets stringent government accuracy requirements.

Image description

The final transcribed data is hosted on a B2B and B2C online Document Access Portal which is tightly access controlled for Telecom companies at one end & Government Regulators at the other end apart from being used for internal electronic Document Warehousing.

Our Fraud Detection/Duplicate Detection Checks and Business Intelligence Suites work on top of this data warehouse to provide the most comprehensive CAF and Customer Information Management Systems in India.