Real Time Channel Data Acquisition and Management

  • In a traditional multi-tier Distribution and Sales Channel which follows the Distributor > Reseller > Retailer Model, do you often lose visibility of your product flow beyond the first level?
  • How do you strategize Sales without Key Consumption Data which is accurate and timely?
  • Which of your Products are responding to Incentive Programs?
  • Which is your most Productive Sales Zone and which zones are showing indications of a slowdown?

Channel Data Bridge (CDB), Bytech's revolutionary PSI (Purchase-Sales-Inventory) Data collection framework powers real-time Channel Data Collection, Aggregation and Reporting of Sales/Consumption and Inventory Data for the White-Goods & High-Tech Industry.

CDB's pioneering Channel Data Acquisition and Reporting framework results in a disruptive impact on traditional Channel Throughput measurement methodologies, which has so far been manually driven and hence susceptible to unavailability, poor quality and inaccurate data.

Channel Data Bridge's unique last-mile Data Acquisition tools, when deployed at key Channel Distribution Nodes automatically enables key Data (Purchase, Sales and Inventory) capture and broadcast to a central Data Collection Warehouse Server. This data is then scrubbed, validated, massaged and pushed into a Reporting / Business Intelligence Server which allows real-time visibility of Country-Wide Product Sales, Purchase and Inventory.

These last-mile Data Acquisition tools enable top-tier Distributors to small retailers to choose from a variety of technologies including Mobile Phones, Hand-helds, Local Accounting System Plug-Ins, amongst other enablements which allow seamless reporting of key Purchase, Sales and Inventory Data to Bytech CDB's sophisticated Data Warehouses.

This framework coms with adapters to plug into various accounting/inventory systems, including Tally, MYOB, Intuit Quickbooks. hence allowing for in-situ data capture, eliminating most cleanliness issues normally associated with manual reporting.

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Key Features

  • All Data is End-Customer Profiled via an interactive Tagging Tool available on our Partner and Administrative portal, including manual Partner Outreach driven Customer Tagging. This ensures that the quality of Data Acquisition and Management is 100%.
  • All SKU Sales, Purchase and Inventory transactions reported and collected is also 100% tagged with the Current Master SKU list derived from the Supplying Company.
  • Automatic Data Collection and Publishing
  • Purchase, Sales and Inventory File Upload portal available with back-end Data Processing for Partners without Automation pre-requisites.
  • Data derived from Partner Accounting System – The Channel Data that we report is what you see is what your Partners account for.
  • Multi-dimensional Data Validation at Capture as well as Post Aggregation. Unprecedented Channel Data Reporting Accuracy.
  • On-line Hosted Business Intelligence portal for Partners to track all their Data submissions and for you to track Market Performance and Movements.
  • Allows Sales Data capture for specific Product Lines, Brands, SKU's or Serial Numbers across your Channel even in Multi-Brand Outlets.
  • Geographic Trend Reporting for Never-Before Insight into your Sales & Distribution Channel.

Bytech Channel Data Collection, Aggregation & BI Framework

Case Study

Hewlett-Packard | TDB Channel Data Collection, Aggregation and Business Intelligence

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Bytech is behind the design & implementation of a pioneering real-time pioneering data collection service that collects key Sales / Purchase / Inventory information from over 800 (and counting) Hewlett Packard's Tier 1 and Tier 2 Channel Partners and Retailers across India. This information is collected through an intricately designed network that spans from our data center to Partner PCs via our Agent software that is the key data messenger. This validated and cleansed Channel Sales data is then reported to HP as part of our comprehensive Data Reporting Services.

This means that HP Leadership and Data Processing centers in India and Singapore has immediate access to granular, high-quality and detailed information on what is happening across the country for its chosen product lines and products. Bytech's custom Country Business Intelligence portal then converts this information into turn-key Product Flow, Concentration, Supply, Demand and Heat Map reports amongst other amazing Business Intelligence insights. This system today handles in excess of 1,00,000 LIVE Transactions per day.

Bytech also manages various key Channel Data Management initiatives for HP including:

  • T1 and T2 Data Formatting and Electronic Submission to HP's Global ERP system for processing Partner Claims.
  • Partner Performance Data Acquisition, Reporting and Management
  • Partner Lead Follow-up and Closure Management
  • Closed Loop Lead Management
  • Special Bid/Most Valued Customer Promo Definition & Data Management
  • Partner Outreach and Sell-In, Sell-Thru and Performance Monitoring