Enterprise CRM & Sales Funnel Systems

Every Business has different Customer Engagement models & different Customer Profiles and one-make-fits-all type CRM systems rarely deliver in the manner that business expects. While the promise of flexibility and expandability usually exist on paper, when it comes to dealing with the minute every-day business challenges, these CRM systems normally are found lacking.

Bytech has made custom CRM systems for over 10 years now for enterprises powering a wide variety of Customer Engagement models across industries. Such is the flexibility of our offerings that each of the CRM systems that we have developed, normally grows on to become an operational pillar on which ERP extensions are normally made by our Customers. In these instances, our foundation CRM systems take on a variety of business transactional roles.

Our CRM system can be hosted from our Cloud-Based platforms or can be maintained as an On-Premise installation with a number of Hybrid and Distributed possibilities taken care of. OPEX/CAPAEX based engagement models are also offered for Enterprises in which a Per Transaction pricing allows linking of Costs with Revenues or a fixed Price model can be availed where Capital Investment is not an issue. Out Consultants will help you design a Custom CRM model taking into account all your current Infrastructural, Business and Customer-related challenges and will help you arrive at a custom model that simply cannot be matched with any out-of-the-box offering.

Bytech's CRM System Offerings

Bytech's Hosted Call Centre Management CRM Systems are equipped to link in with a variety of communication channels including VOIP and GSM based gateways and provide flexibility to manage a variety of In-Bound and Out-Bound Support or Sales Campaigns. Being hosted means that only OPEX costs are incurred and easy accessibility to data and outcome reports is ensured by design.

Bytech's hosted Call-Centre Management CRM system has powered over 10 Call-Centres across India for 1000 tele-callers and enabled clear business returns without any investment for our Customer NGO FR.

Every Business, at some point in time, would have one-off requirements for conducting campaigns for Customer Profiling or Information Verification or even Satisfaction Surveys via Tele-Callers. These Campaigns are usually very specific in nature and outcome measurement is also very granular and detailed. Bytech's hosted CRM systems can be quickly customised to get a custom Customer Engagement Campaign up and running with a few days. Custom reporting services are offered in tandem to measure outcomes in highly defined reports.

Business with established Customer bases today need to ensure their on-line presence, not just by having a Website, but also allowing a flexible and informative Self Help Portal for Customers which link in (via loose integration) with other ERP/CRM systems and offer specific functionality without the overhead of tight integration with the Business' established operational systems.

Typical scenarios where Bytech's CRM systems have helped out Businesses with this requirements include Product Warranty Registration and Look-Up sites as well as Business Partner Claims Processing Help Desk Portals.

Trouble ticketing and Help Desk systems can normally demand highly specific functionality not usually found in out-of-the-box systems. User Groups can take on complex forms and reference data sources can be disparate. The domains can widely vary from a technical Product based trouble ticketing to FMCG based Product Help Desks. The incoming ticket can be in the form of a phone call or a web-based transaction or an SMS. Bytech's flexible Hosted CRM platforms allow highly customised packaging of Trouble-Ticketing and Help Desk systems based on your Industry and specific Customer profiles.

Managing a Sales Funnel for any Prospect-Lead-Customer (PLC) campaign is a highly specialised challenge. The stages in a Sales funnel can widely vary from industry to industry and fulfilment definitions can also get fuzzy where a current Customer is also a Lead for other Service or Product offerings The target demography can vary for a single campaign depending on locations and Prospect/Lead Profiles. Sub-campaigns can become a necessity where a sub-set of Prospects or Leads or for that matter Customers would need targeting for a whole different outcomes scenarios.

Case Studies

iDiscoveri | Xseed Sales Funnel CRM

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Bytech has helped iDiscoveri, a leading Educational Services provider, target schools all over India for PLC campaigns as well as manage on-going engagements for repeat transactions with established customers. Each engagement is measured in a detailed manner with real-time Dashboards and insightful reports on Caller performance, Lead Conversion & Sales Outcomes.

Hewlett Packard | Closed Loop Lead Management

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Bytech's Closed-Loop Lead Management Systems helps HP India manage high-value Lead enquiries from defined country-wide Business Partners with intervention from HP managers on finalizing the quotation and/or acceptance of Lead Price. This system offers a workflow where an enquiry is routed through a custom Business Process and ends with the publishing of the final quotation to the Lead enquiry.

From that point in, the Lead Management system allows dedicated Tele-callers to engage these Leads and drive Sales fulfillment. Detailed Online reports provide insightful information on Conversion statistics based on Customer Demography, Location, Product Enquiries and also for Lost Opportunities.