Contact Centre Operations

  • How do you clean critical customer data, even when you do not have any access to your base?
  • How can a geographically disparate but unified consumption base be contacted and engaged for custom campaigns with a one-point results reporting online?
  • How can customer contact be spread across innovative communications mechanisms like SMS, e-Mails, Phone Calls with a Unified Communications Platform?

Contact is what interfaces your Enterprise to the world. If you look deeply, this pervades all almost all aspects of your Enterprise. Bytech can help you solve these customer contact challenges with a variety of highly innovative technology driven contact strategies via our state-of-the-art contact centers offering.

Contact with Customers, Contact to obtain Leads, Contact to convert Leads, Contact to support and retain customers, Contact to survey market, Contact to collect data. Even Contact to run your back-end operations.

Bytech has been running strategic Contact Centers for our Customers in a variety of models for over 15 years now. Our Contact Centers act as an extension of your Enterprise and are run by a highly converged infrastructure and a highly skilled Tele-caller workforce who have worked for a variety of domains in a range of Business landscapes.

Our Contact Centres are highly connected facilities with T1 Leased Line infrastructure, VOIP lines, dedicated SMS & Toll-Free Numbers, Web-Based Contact Interaction via Landing Pages, Automated Dialer Facility and 24-hour operating capability. Our team leads are adaptable for a wide range of domains and subject areas and are able to mobilise a fully set up and trained contact centre for your specific Business Use within a short span of time. Dedicated training facilities are run in association with our Customers to ensure that each call that originates in Bytech is an extension to our Customer making the call themselves.

Of course, our IT heritage ensures that online reporting of Call-Dispositions, Innovative Campaign Management practices, leading edge CRM and Multi-Channel Lead Generation/Engagement is always deeply ingrained in all Contact Centre activities that we undertake.

Our Contact Centre capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Technical Support function (Inbound)
  • Tele-Sales for cross-industry offerings (Outbound)
  • Engagement Marketing via E-Mail/SMS campaigns
  • Multi-level calling for calling for business critical data collection and customer verification.
  • Helpdesk for Business Support functions